We offer a range of programming at our location in McKinley Arts and Culture Center for people of all ages and abilities. We also provide contract music therapy services for other organizations throughout the community.


Programs at McKinley Arts Center

Individual Sessions


Manal music therapy

Music Therapy

Music therapy is the use of music as a tool to help achieve cognitive, physical, sensory, interpersonal, and emotional goals. Music is a powerful way to help the brain and body learn or re-learn important skills. Learn more about music therapy in our Why Music Therapy section.

Music Lessons

Our adaptive lessons bring the joy of learning an instrument to people who have any number of physical or mental challenges that may limit their ability to learn from a traditional music teacher. Our music therapists have a unique understanding of how to help people with disabilities express themselves through singing or playing an instrument at higher and higher levels. We also provide music lessons for people who do not need adapted instruction. We currently offer instruction in piano, guitar, banjo, ukulele, bass, violin, voice, percussion, and drums.

Group Music Therapy Sessions

Music therapy groups are facilitated by a music therapist to meet the members’ needs through musical experiences. Our Creative Connection groups address mental health goals such as reducing anxiety and depression, learning emotional regulation, improving cognitive function, and developing creative solutions to ongoing problems. Call 775-324-5521 for more information and check out the current schedule.



Experiential Music Classes

MG_2079We offer experiential music and dance classes for children, teens, and adults. Our classes are open to all people who want to participate. We make sure accommodations are made for people with any degree of disability so that everyone is learning, having fun, and being part of our community. Here is the link to our Current Class Schedule.


We offer a variety of workshops for everyone from infants to seniors. Our workshops are a wonderful way to experience a new form of dance or music in a fun, supportive and inclusive environment. Community and connection is at the center of everything we do. Here is the link to our Current Workshop Schedule.

Music Therapy Services

Contract Services

Sara at Renown June 2014We work with healthcare, education and service organizations in the region, bringing music therapy to support their missions and efforts.

Our current partners include:

Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services

Northern Nevada Medical Center – Senior Bridges Inpatient Unit

Renown Health – Children’s Hospital / Institute of Cancer / PEP Program

The Life Change Center

Eddy House

Children’s Cabinet

Please call (775-324-5521) or email us to inquire about a collaboration with your organization!

Drum Circle Team Building

Taking it to the Beats is a group drumming program for corporate, educational, and professional settings. Drum circles are non­-threatening and fun for people of all ages and abilities, and more and more research is showing that they can reduce stress, boost morale, increase retention, and improve communication throughout the workplace.




Toyota has one of the best­ known corporate drumming programs in the country. According to Ron Johnson, Toyota’s Associate Development Manager, the company’s drum circles are “an environment where no one is advantaged or disadvantaged and where the participants create an inclusive environment where ‘we’ means ‘everyone’…it’s the leveraging of our diversity through this inclusive behavior that can bring the full creative potential of our associates to bear.”

Drum circles have been shown to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Help people understand the importance of cooperation and teamwork
  • Strengthen relationships among co­-workers and supervisors
  • Demonstrate the benefits of diversity
  • Motivate and inspire employees
  • Improve confidence
  • Stimulate creativity

NMTS therapists are experienced drum circle facilitators. We love watching how drumming promotes partnerships and encourages healthy relationships in groups of all ages and abilities. Taking it to the Beats drum circles can take place at our facility or at your business, for as few as four and as many as 100 participants. We provide all of the instruments and we will work with you ahead of time to design the perfect session for you and your employees.

Please call or email us for rates and additional details.

As a child life specialist, one of my main roles is to ensure that I am offering the tools necessary to help out littlest patients cope with their environment in a healthy way. One of the most successful methods to help them cope is something I’m incapable of, but that Jodi is a master in—music therapy. There are no language or social barriers in the world of music and because of that, Jodi is able to speak to so many of our patients.

Elizabeth Winkler

Child Life Specialist, Renown Children's Hospital

I have been facilitating team building activities for The Life Change Center for the last four years. The organization and I consider these activities to be very valuable for the performance of staff. Recently, Manal and Jodi provided a team building drum circle session and the outcome was much better than we predicted. Of the variety of team building approaches we have experienced thus far, this one rated at the top regarding impact and staff acceptance. I would strongly recommend this activity to any organization that prioritizes team building. Thank you for your great work. Dr. David W. Kemppainen, Ph.D., LCADC

Clinical Director, The Life Change Center

With our son being a participant in several programs through NMTS, we have personally seen how the power of music and this organization have changed his life. Michael has learned to make choices, patience, play the piano, sing and dance, become more social and use more language then we had ever thought possible. He performs in front of large groups of people, which has given him confidence. He has gained independence through attending programs such as Teen Beat Summer Music Camp each summer. Cindy Oesterle-Prescott


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Our individual music therapy, adaptive music lessons and group classes are supported by a combination of sliding-scale fees, individual donations, corporate sponsorships, and grant funding. For a complete listing of our donors, please visit the thank you page. To learn more about donating, please visit our donation page.

Our adaptive music classes are funded in part by the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation

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