May 2017

Dear Friends,

This past weekend, we had the joy of celebrating our individual participants at the Spring Recital. Some of our participants have been performing with Note-Ables for awhile and are accustomed to cheering and encouragement from the audience. However, for many of our participants, it’s the first time they’ve ever been celebrated and supported by an auditorium full of friends, family, and supportive strangers. Or maybe it’s the first time in decades they took the risk sharing something personal on stage. There were so many great moments – some funny, some tender.

What I appreciate most about these performances is the way our community celebrates each person for what they bring; the mistakes and fear, along with the triumph, expression, and joy. There is not a drop of judgment in the room. This is a community that celebrates and honors, encourages and supports. This is a community who makes every member of the community stronger for their participation, including me.

Thank you for making the music happen here at NMTS. Whether you are a donor, volunteer, participant, family member, or supporter, you are a part of this community that brings so much good into the lives of hundreds of people in the Truckee Meadows.


Sarah Toney
Interim Executive Director / Development Director

NMTS Moments

A 10 year old boy named *Sam came to Note-Able Music Therapy Services about a year ago with his mom. It was plain to see that both of them were experiencing a great deal of frustration. Sam has a rare developmental disability that includes paralysis, limited nonverbal communication, and seizures. At that time, Sam could not focus on one activity for longer than 30 seconds or be out of direct sight of his mother without dramatic emotional breakdown and self-harming behavior. Our music therapists have been working with him to improve attention span, emotional regulation, and social skills through music. After a year of music therapy, Sam is able to focus and engage in playing music with the therapist for significant periods of time, and is comfortable with his mom being out of sight for entire sessions. While these steps may feel small for some, for Sam and his mom, this is tremendous. Sam’s personality is emerging as funny, intelligent, and curious, while opening the possibility for true respite for his family.

*Name and identifying details changed for privacy

Music Therapy Perspectives

Since our theme for the month of May in music therapy is developmental disabilities, we thought we’d offer you some fun and developmental music activities for you and your kids or grandkids! Check out the new blog post here.

The basic activities are:

  • Sing
  • Dance
  • Song Books
  • Play Instruments
  • Play with Tempo and Dynamics

Jodi provides the reasons for the importance of these activities and ways to make it fun and developmental for your child.


Best of Facebook

This month, our Facebook followers most loved a story about one of our participants, Jacob, and his family. Jacob has been coming to NMTS for music therapy and classes for years and we love the young man he’s growing into. Jacob has autism, which is different for every person with autism. Jacob dances with abandon, plays the guitar and sings his favorite songs. He has many friends here at NMTS, and has won all of our hearts.

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Upcoming Events

The Note-Ables Performing at the International Bus “Roadeo” – May 7th, 12 pm (Grand Sierra Resort) Did you know there is such a thing as a Bus Roadeo, where operators and maintenance teams from around the world compete in driving and maintenance skills? The Note-Ables were asked to play as a part of this event, because the drivers who bring our participants to McKinley love our participants and what we do. They wanted to show off the best of Reno, and we are honored to be a part of it!

Basement Session – May 15th, 12 pm (McKinley Arts and Culture Center, west side basement) Would you like to know more about music therapy and our programs? You’re welcome to join us for lunch! We share stories and explain what makes music therapy so effective, and The Note-Ables play a brief set. It’s fun, informative and inspiring. Please email Sarah Toney for more information and to RSVP. Seating is limited, so please do contact us to attend!

Renown Diversity Day – May 17th, (Renown) The Note-Ables are performing as part of diversity day at Renown and we’ll also be there at the outreach event to answer questions about music therapy, adaptive music lessons, disability, inclusion, and whatever else you’re curious about. This event is for Renown employees in support of Renown’s diversity goals.


April  Thank Yous!

Thank you to our classroom and office volunteers!  Mark Geeson, Tia Henderson, Marilyn Moon, Cindy Oesterle-Prescott, Chris Keenan, Cheryl Eckert, Courtney Mayer, Katie Fountain, Jewelene Fritts, Ariel Miller, Tonia Meyers, Eric Gieseke, and Cheyenne Underwood.

Thank you to our April donors! Marilyn Moon, Jaime Briscoe Collins, Mary Lee Fulkerson, Kate Kirkpatrick, Scott Harrington, Joanna Stockman, Jennifer Crudo, Barbara McMeen, Gail Teig, Dave and Connie Wilson, Gino Borges, Yvonne Isola, Stillwater Foundation, Robert Z. Hawkins Foundation

Big Give Thank Yous!  Big Give donations for providing music at The Eddy House came in at just over $2,600. Thank you!

As always, thank you to our Endowment Founding Circle! The Note-Able Music Therapy Services endowment fund is managed by the Community Foundation of Western Nevada. By contributing to the fund, you will guarantee that children and adults – no matter their age or ability – will always have a place where they can learn, grow, and experience a community that is connected through the love of music. Please call or email us for more information about how you can contribute to the legacy of NMTS.

Music Quote of the Month

Can a mere song change people's minds?

Wish List

  • Shredder
  • Art supplies – anything you’re not using, we’ll find a use!
  • Greeting cards and thank you notes
  • iTunes gift cards
  • Disposable food service goods, such as paper plates, cutlery, cups and napkins
  • Postage stamps

Board of Directors

Kate Kirkpatrick – President Director of Public Information, Marketing & Communications, Truckee Meadows Community College

Dave Stockman – Treasurer  President – Stillwater Foundation

Sandy Jacob – Secretary

Dennis Doty – Director Physical Therapist – HCR ManorCare 

John Firestone – Director Executive Director – The Life Change Center

Give the gift of music!

Your donations provide for our low cost and adjustable-rate fees for classes, workshops, music therapy and music lessons! Every dollar donated helps people of all abilities to continue to have access to music therapy and programs.

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