March 2015


The theme of this month’s newsletter is all about giving thanks. Our Evening of Romance masquerade ball was a wonderful success thanks to you! Right after the event, another nonprofit contacted us for advice about how to create a similar event to support their good work, and my first question was, “How strong is their community to help them do this?” I asked that because the truth is that we, as staff of NMTS, could never hope to do this work without you. Not only putting together a grand event like the Evening of Romance, but also making and witnessing the magic that happens through music at NMTS every day. It takes more than a village. It takes a gigantic, loving, generous family. We are honored and grateful for the support you’ve given to our participants and to us. Thank you for all that you do and for being part of the family that makes it possible for so many people to achieve lasting change in their lives.

~ Sarah Toney – Development Director

P.S. If you attended the Evening of Romance, we’d love your feedback! Please complete this brief survey:

Music Changing Lives

One of our participants is a gentleman who has felt socially isolated for years. His anxiety and deep self-doubt stop him from feeling like he belongs anywhere. He is an artist and comes to NMTS for music lessons.

We love this man and recognize his pain in isolation. And we know we can offer something to help. We invited him to come to an Exploring Music class where he could join a community of people through the connection of music. Connection is his greatest need, but also his greatest fear and though he promised to come, we didn’t know what he would choose.

Well, he did come and had a wonderful time. He saw that he wasn’t alone.

Next time we saw him, he said he felt better after class, he felt good for the rest of the day, and he even slept well that night. He said, “I guess no man can really be an island.” He smiled. And he told us that he can’t wait to come back next week.

Evening of Romance Wrap Up

With your support, the Evening of Romance masquerade ball was a wonderful success. Your record-breaking donations to our scholarship fund will help us keep music and music therapy accessible to our community.

Sheena put all the pictures from McAuliffe Photography and Distefano Photography on our site, so you can find all the great pictures of you and your family and friends.

We can send you full resolution copies for just a $3 donation per picture. Click here for the link to view and order your pictures.

Tune into Financial Planning

Financial-Planning-2.jpg(In this section, we’ll feature a monthly column from a local financial advisor to help you to improve your financial portfolio through the benefits of giving to nonprofits. Not only can you help us, you can improve your own financial well being.)

It’s that time again… tax time!  In the spirit of the season, we thought we would expand on an idea we touched previously in this space – having a non-profit entity (like the Note-Able Music Therapy Services) assist with minimizing your capital gains tax exposure.

If you have gains in your portfolio, instead of selling that stock or mutual fund and realizing the gain yourself, you can donate those securities to a non-profit entity, such as NMTS.

With this kind of donation, a non-profit entity can turn around and sell the security without capital gains tax consequence and you would likely be eligible to take a deduction against taxable income for a portion of the value of the stock donated to the non-profit.  A win-win!

This technique helps the non-profit, as they receive the proceeds from the sale of the security. You are able to benefit as well, avoiding paying capital gains tax on the appreciated assets sold and likely being eligible for a tax deduction on a portion of the assets you donated – thus helping to reduce the hit you may have realized on other capital gains taken.

If you have any questions, please call or email NMTS and they can put you in contact with a local financial advisor, or speak with your own advisor for more information on these important issues!

As always, we encourage you to consult with a local tax professional or financial advisor before proceeding with any tax planning or donation strategy.

Upcoming Events

Basement Session – March 23rd, noon

If you’re interested in learning more about NMTS and music therapy, come join us for our Basement Session in March! There is limited seating, lunch is provided, and RSVPs are required. Please email Sarah Toney if you’re interested in attending!

Please check our website for the most up-to-date information on upcoming events and activities.

Music Therapy in the News

Gabby Giffords is music therapy’s most public advocate these days. Here she is in People magazine talking about her recovery, her recent milestone of getting back on her bicycle, and the importance of music therapy in helping her recover her ability to speak!

February Thank You’s

Thank you to everyone who helped make A Note-Able Evening of Romance such a huge success!


It takes more than a village to make this event happen, it takes a really big family! 

Committee: Cindy Oesterle-Prescott – Event Chair, Rick Altenburg, Sheena Britschgi, Sara DePaoli, Cheryl Eckert, Wendy Firestone, Jill Gabel, Karen Hunsader
Charles Kazemi, Michael Lahnala, Phyllis McPherson, Stephen Schumacher, Sarah Toney, Manal Toppozada, Ellie Van Winkle, Amber Wilhelm, Connie Young, Amie Van Zant, Beth Varney

Friends of Note-Able Music Therapy Services
Renown Health Foundation
Trinity Applied Internet 
Florence Cordine
Frontier Financial Credit Union
Law Offices of Thomas J. Hall
Pediatric Associates
Giles Altenburg
The Life Change Center
John & Marilyn Morrey
Erickson, Thorpe and Swainston, Ltd. 
Loving Paws
McAuliffe Therapy

The Neon Dragonfly
Remax Professionals

Members of the Advisory Board of Note-Able Music Therapy Services: Barbara Anderson, Scott Faulkner, John Firestone, Mary Lee Fulkerson, Lisa Mancini, Jeanine Mooers, Cindy Oesterle-Prescott

Food and Beverage Sponsors:
Hi Point Coffee & Cafe
Craft Wine and Beer
Hub Coffee Roasters
Sierra Nevada Chocolate
Rounds Bakery

Alina Jackson, Adam Khan, Alden Gaig, Alexis Compton, Alina Jackson, Amina Wilson, Andrew Williams, Angela Dunlap, Angela Martin, Autumn Brewster, Bob Martin, Branden Martin, Brandi Watson, Cara Ayers, Cariana Resten-McGahn, Catherine Vukelich, Chloe Osterhagen, Chris Martin, Clark Sedar, Connie Young, Courtney Fisher, Darcy Chappel, Darlene Gaither, Daryl Distefano, Devin Martin, Elijah Sabol, Ellie Nestival, Gabriel Adams, Greg Potts, Gunnar Altenburg, Heather Galligher, Itzel Perez, Izzy Martin, Jaime Collins, Jamir Silis, Janet Fernando, Jarrod Stewart, Jeanette Martin, Jeff DePaoli, Jessica Escobar, Jim Robertson, Jon Wilson, Josh Dunlap, Joy Gardner, Julien Powell, Kayla Freeman, Kevin Cornell, Kimber Loyd, Kurtis Keyser, Lisa Mancini, Mason Shea, Mathew Howser, Nancy Young, Nicole Obritsch, Rachel Malmann, Rachel Martin, Reno Fire Department, Rick Altenburg, Salena Carr, Sara Depaoli, Scott Harrington, Sera Ford, Shannon Kozel, Shelby McAuliffe, Simon Warren, Siva Hari, Sparks Fire Department, Suthida “Bo” Khongkhatitham (Miss Washoe County), Tanner Chappel, Tari Briscoe, Taylor Smith, The Duffrins, Tim Spencer, Travis Snyder, Truckee Meadows Fire Department, Victoria Lewis, Wayne Gaither

Additional thanks to:
SteinwayReno Jazz OrchestraJackie LandrumThe Ballroom of Reno , Sierra Goldsmith, Inc. Natasha’s World Jewelry, Bobbie O’Neal, Mark Simon, You MicrospaDistefano PhotographyMcAuliffe PhotographyAcademy of Arts, Careers and Technology

Thank you to our classroom and office volunteers:

Leif Christensen, Mark Geeson, Tia Henderson, Troy Jorgensen, Michael Lahnala, Nanette Mueller, Cindy Oesterle-Prescott, Mary Shoen, Amina Wilson, Mark Yan, Michael Young, Forrest Zeiter

Endowment Founding Circle

A very special circle of people!

The Board of Directors of Note-Able Music Therapy Services:
Ellie Van Winkle, President

The Advisory Board of Note-Able Music Therapy Services
The Eckert Family
Joe Macaluso
Tony Macaluso – In memory of Joe, Mary and Fina Macaluso
Pythia Sisters of Nevada: Jeanille Hyde, Grand Chief
Ms. Heidemarie Rochlin
Dr. & Mrs. Tousson Toppozada
Earl & Peggy Whitney
The Wilson Family
The Note-Able Music Therapy Services endowment fund is managed by the Community Foundation of Western Nevada. By contributing to the fund, you will guarantee that children and adults – no matter their age or ability – will always have a place where they can learn, grow, and experience a community that is connected through the love of music. Please call or email us for more information about how you can contribute to the legacy of NMTS.



News & Notes is the monthly newsletter from Note-Able Music Therapy Services. Here is your chance to catch up with the band, check out upcoming events, find out how music therapy is impacting our community and the world, and much more.  You can also keep up with us by checking out our website and following us on Facebook and Twitter.


Board of Directors

Ellie Van Winkle (President)
Scott Harrington (Past President)
Kate Kirkpatrick (Secretary)
Jim Robertson(Treasurer)
Charles Kazemi (Director)

Advisory Board

Barbara Anderson
Tammy Borde
Christi Cakiroglu
Scott Faulkner
John Firestone
Bob Fulkerson
Mary Lee Fulkerson
Joe Macaluso
Lisa Mancini
Jeanine Mooers
Cindy Oesterle-Prescott
Toni Taylor

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