On November 5, 2016, we celebrated our first Fall Showcase at the Nugget Celebrity Showroom, with performances from participants in dance, music, electronic music classes, and The Note-Ables. Participants gathered in the green room and dressing rooms back stage buzzing with excitement before entering the brightly lit stage. The first half of the show included fantastic and charming performances by the Super Star dancers from both dance classes. Our newest Teen Exploring Music class featured soloist Logan singing “Try Everything” by Shakira. The Exploring Music I class, the Exploring Super Stars, performed original songs “Bartholemew,” and a re-write of “We Will Rock You” that rocked the house.

In the second half, the Electronic Music Project, The EQs, got everyone in the audience moving and grooving with a live performance of sampled music and beats they’d generated over the course of the workshop. The Electronic Music Project is another new program to NMTS, led by Nate Eng, one that we will continue to offer in the new year. The Exploring Music II class sang “One Call Away” and “Achy Breaky Heart” as well as danced to the “Hoedown Throwdown” do-si-doing all over the stage. The evening continued with generous raffle prizes awarded to lucky audience members, and another great show by The Note-Ables, featuring Sharri Wise soloing on the song “Give Me One Reason” by Tracy Chapman. The night ended with an all out on stage dance party to “Ghostbusters” featuring Joshua Bozeman-Hernandez, dressed like a ghost buster and dancing like a pro.

The evening was fantastic and it couldn’t have happened without all of the effort and talents of the many participants that make up the growing NMTS community. Thanks to all who attended, performed, emceed (thanks, Barbara Van Dyke!), and volunteered to help make this event possible! Special thanks to Jim Joseph for sponsoring the Carson City Movers and Doers to come up for the show!

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