Your gift provides adaptive music and music therapy

for people who otherwise do not have access.

What music means to everyone is different and it’s all important!

Meet Michael

Michael's story as told by his mother, Cindy Michael Prescott is 24 years old, loves music and dancing, and has autism. Music therapy and group music experiences has been a key part of Michael's...

Women of the Lullaby Project

Inspired by Carnegie Hall’s ‘Lullaby Project’, Note-Able Music Therapy Services (NMTS) partnered with STEP2 and the Reno Phil to make the Lullaby Project a reality in our community. For the last...

Jacob’s Story: A glimpse into living with Autism

Bill Roach remembers receiving the call from his daughter that his grandson, Jacob, had been diagnosed with autism. “She was pretty upset," says Roach. "I told her no matter what the problem was,...

The Power of Adaptive Music at NMTS

Adaptive vs Traditional Traditional education methods expect that students adapt to a set curriculum. If a student cannot show understanding or grasp the curriculum then he or she is not considered...

A Beautiful Harmony: Music & Autism

Michael Lahnala is like many 25-year-olds his age: he looks forward to graduating from college, has a full time job, is passionate for politics, loves music and the internet. By many standards...

What your donations do

We envision a community where every person can access, experience, and connect through music. All of our programs are grounded in the philosophy that participating in music – expressing oneself through making sound – is both liberating and empowering for those who traditionally have had no voice in our society.

We believe in what we do and are proud to say that NMTS enhances the lives of those who face so many barriers to community inclusion – and improves the quality of life for all of us.

Even though we serve more than 1,000 people per year, our program fees only bring  about 16% of the money required to fund our organization. That is why your support is so vital. Your donations keep music and music therapy accessible to people regardless of their ability to pay.

When you donate to NMTS, you are truly enriching the lives of those who would otherwise not have access to musical avenues for expression. Your donation helps people express themselves, connect with each other, and thrive in the world.

Thank you for your gift!

Other Ways to Donate

You can write a check to “NMTS” and send to:

925 Riverside Drive Suite 1

Reno, NV 89503

We are in the office Monday through Friday 9am – 5pm. We’re happy to accept donations by phone. Please call 775-324-5521

Many local and national employers provide employee matching programs to support their employees’ interests in the community. Check with your human resources department to see if this is an option to help make your donation go farther.

We welcome your donations of instruments, music supplies, office supplies, or other items you may have to offer. Please give us a call to see if we can accept the items and to arrange drop off: 775-324-5521. Or you can purchase items directly from our Amazon wish list!

Wish List

Click here if you would like to purchase something for NMTS directly from our Amazon wish list! 

  • Art supplies – anything you’re not using, we’ll find a use for!
  • Greeting cards and thank you notes
  • iTunes gift cards
  • Disposable food service goods, such as paper plates, cutlery, cups and napkins
  • Postage stamps

Donate Here!

Why We Donate

I support NMTS because I love to see the JOY on the faces of The Note-Ables when they perform!!!

Toni Taylor

NMTS Advisory Board Member

I donate to NMTS because the programs are so diverse and serve so many people in northern Nevada who would otherwise go without musical activities. It is important to me that these programs are available to everyone who enjoys music, and those who use music to reach non-musical goals. Music has shaped my life, and through NMTS I know it is impacting many other families in incredible ways.

Kate Kirkpatrick

NMTS Board President

I’m on the board and donate because I’ve witnessed the incredible power of music therapy through NMTS firsthand.  Many lives can be impacted in a great way and I enjoy being apart of that discovery process.

Chuck Kazemi

Past NMTS Board Member

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my donations tax deductible?

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit, tax-exempt organization. Tax ID #86-1067227.

According to Nevada state law, your donation may be tax deductible pursuant to the provisions of section 170.c. of the IRS Code of 1986, 26 U.S.C. 170.c.

You cannot deduct event tickets, auction purchases, or class fees, since the money is given in a transaction. If you have any questions, please ask us or consult your tax adviser.

Do you have an endowment?

Yes, our endowment is managed by The Community Foundation of Western Nevada. We are still working to meet our goal of a $100,000 endowment, and we welcome donations towards this monumental goal! Our founding members and subsequent gifts have helped us make major strides towards this first milestone, but we still have some distance to go. Please contact Manal ( or Sarah ( for more information or to make your donation today.

I'm happy to donate, but I also want to be more involved. What can I do?

We have lots of events through the year for you to attend, including performances, parties, our Evening of Romance gala, Artown events, outreach activities, and fundraising events. Our focus is always on music and inclusion, so almost everything that we do is filled with the spirit of music.

We’d love for you to attend events and invite people to join you. You can also attend one of our monthly Basement Sessions to learn more about music therapy and our programs – and you’ll be treated to a Note-Ables performance and lunch. Email Sarah Toney ( to RSVP for the next Basement Session, which is listed on the special events calendar with our other events. Also, make sure that you sign up for our monthly newsletter!

Do you charge for your programs?

Yes, we do. However, our fees for music therapy, workshops, lessons and group classes are priced below (or well below) standard prices for comparable services in the marketplace. In addition, we offer sliding fee assistance for our programs. We are committed to providing access to our programs to as many people who want to come.

What are you other sources of funding besides donations?

We are funded by programming fees, private donations, corporate donations, and grants. We rely on all of these sources to maintain our financial stability so that we can continue to grow and create positive changes in our community through music.

Give the gift of music.

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