Our misson…

To change the face of disability in our community through music.

The Note-Ables is a phenomenal performing group made up of adults with disabilities. The group first met in April 1999 when they started jamming and writing their own songs together. By the summer of 1999 they had started playing small gigs in the Reno/Sparks area and have since expanded to performing 30-40 gigs each year. In addition to being professional and crowd pleasing, the group’s activities have also increased the visibility of people with disabilities and added to the dynamic arts community in the Truckee Meadows.

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Phillip Alameda
Phillip Alameda (Percussion, saxophone)
Growing up in San Francisco’s Mission District in the ‘60s, Phillip would go down to Dolores Park every week to jam with the likes of Jose Areas and Oscar Rivera.  As lead percussionist since 2005, he provides the rhythmic foundation for everything the band does. Phillip also made his debut playing the saxophone on the group’s new CD.


Michelle Emrick
Michelle Emrick (Vocals, hand percussion)
A member of The Note-Ables since 1999, Michelle is a well-loved face at performances and around town. She sings and dances her heart out at every performance. Michelle is also a wonderful ambassador for the group with her outgoing personality and ongoing outreach efforts!



Mark Geeson
Mark Geeson (Guitar, bass, vocals)
“Wow, he’s awesome!” is what people often say the first time they hear Mark play. A perfectionist, he practices every day – always wanting to get things just a little tighter. Mark is also a patient volunteer who helps out with other Note-Ables programs as well as playing with the band.


Michael Lahnala
Michael Lahnala
 (Bass, saxophone, vocals)
In addition to his membership in The Note-Ables, Michael is also a student at UNR. He is multi-talented and his real love of music lies in the dark corners of “death metal.” He longs for the day when The Note-Ables play a cover from his favorite band, Tool. Until then, Michael is working hard to learn all his bass, saxophone and vocal parts while balancing time to study.


Frank Mackin
Frank Mackin (Vocals)
After years of cheering in the audience, Frank successfully auditioned for the band in 2008. He quickly became an audience favorite with his smooth voice and charismatic stage presence. Frank has an amazing ability to connect with the audience. His passion for life and love for music shine through in everything he does!


Tony Martin
Tony Martin (Vocals, bass)
Tony comes from a musical family, and he grew up playing the guitar and singing with his dad. In addition to his great voice, Tony has a phenomenal musical memory. Give him the title of any song from the last 50 years and he can tell you who wrote it and who performed it!


Jeanine Mooers
Jeanine Mooers (Vocals)
A life-long musician with a stunning voice and perfect pitch, Jeanine received a bachelor’s degree in music in 2002. Her voice and keyboard skills  are the backbone of the group. She is also a composer and her pieces have been performed by the Reno Pops Orchestra and the University of Nevada, Reno’s Women’s Choir.


Rebecca Shipley
Rebecca Shipley (Vocals)
Members of the group since 2005, Becca and her service dog Tari are some of the best-known faces in town. Becca’s adorable smile makes her vocals sound all the sweeter. By taking private lessons and practicing every day, she is well on her way to her goal of becoming a famous singer some day.



Past Band Members

Farida Banu (Percussion)
Farida’s infectious smile brightened every gig. She played congas and percussion with The Note-Ables for 10 years. Farida also served as a Board member, and was active in soliciting community support for all of the organization’s programs. She returned to her home in Indian in 2011.


Monte Loomis (Vocals, bass 2000 – 2010)
Monte began playing the guitar when he was ten years old. After joining The Note-Ables in 2000, Monte said he felt like he had “come home”. Monte’s musical talents were exhibited in his solid bass lines, his steady drumming, and his creative guitar solos. Monte Loomis passed away in January 2010. He will forever be a member of The Note-Ables.


Stephen Metzker (Vocals)
Steve had loved music his entire life, but never had the chance to play with a band. He joined The Note-Ables in 2000 with the goal of playing the drums. As his confidence grew, he started singing backup vocals. Steve eventually became a lead vocalists and grew into his role of local rock star! Steve retired from the band in 2010, but still enjoys stopping by rehearsals to see how his old band-mates are doing.


Stephon VanDyke


Stephon VanDyke (Percussion)
Stephon played percussion while learning to master the bass and drums. In addition to performing with The Note-Ables band, Stephon also participated in Note-Able Music Therapy Services Dance and Music Class and Exploring Music II. He left the band in early 2012.